Taiwan is my “what if” country.

What if my parents had never immigrated to the United States? What if I had been born and raised in Taiwan? What would my life be like? Would I have the same personality, same career, same way of life? These questions re-surface every five years or so, every time I visit and reconnect with family.

But this trip felt different. This time, I wasn’t weighing Taiwan against myself, but I was comparing it to the rest of the world through an alternate lens—its food and dining culture—just like every other country before it.

How did it fare?

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The Guardian: The Kitchen Apprentices

There could not be a more appropriate article to parallel my experiences as an internationally traveling stagiaire. There are very few professions that inspire people to pay their own way into order to work without pay, but I think that speaks to how much raw, unfettered passion exists in this industry. Can you say that about your field of work?…

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