I make potatoes

Out of the ten or so restaurants I have worked or staged in, only one (Per Se) had deck ovens and a proofing box for bread-making and it was technically not the restaurant’s, but Bouchon Bakery’s, which operated in the same space.

I did not see deck ovens or proofing boxes when I worked at Restaurant Daniel, though admittedly they did exist in the pastry kitchen before I arrived but had since been moved to the commissary Chef Daniel Boulud opened to bake the bread for all his New York City restaurants.

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City life returns

Hong KongI came here 15 years ago and for only 36 hours so my previous impressions of the city are barely a memory. My new first impression—Chinatown has overtaken Manhattan.

I’ve done some vigorous sightseeing since arriving on Tuesday. From Hong Kong Island to Kowloon, and within Hong Kong Island from the west to east side, this city occupies a small land mass but there’s much diversity within. The density of people and buildings are in such stark contrast from where I just came from, but it’s incredibly easy to escape to greener pastures on the outskirts of the metropolis.

My memories of Hong Kong will stick this time around.

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Mbok Crystal

The first leg of my travels have officially concluded.

It’s unbelievable that after two months I could be so attached to a kitchen staff, but that’s the nature of a professional kitchen. When working under pressure with a group of people for ten hours a day, six days a week, a family forms. There’s no option but to be close to one another.

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What lies beyond the kitchen

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